With pulsewidths as short as 15ns and pulse energies up to 1000μJ, the BLIZZ is the perfect tool for today’s demanding applications that require high output power, excellent beam quality and superior pulse-to-pulse stability even at high repetition rates.
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  Power Peak Power Repetition Rate Spatial Mode Pulse Width Pulse Energy
532-40-V 40W 66.6kW @ 40kHz Single Shot to 400kHz M2 < 1.4, TEM00 < 15ns @ 40kHz 1000µJ @ 40kHz
532-30-V 30W > 37.5kW @ 40kHz Single Shot to 400kHz M² < 1.4, TEM00 < 20ns @ 40kHz 750μJ @ 40kHz
532-25-V-300 25W > 0.8kW @ 300kHz Single Shot to 400kHz M² < 1.4, TEM00 < 100ns @ 300kHz 83μJ @ 300kHz
  • Superior pulse-to-pulse stability
  • High peak power and short pulse width
  • Compact & rugged industrial design
  • Easy integration and service
  • Compact 24 VDC OEM Power Supply

Superior Reliability. Unprecedented Cost-Performance Ratio.

The BLIZZ is the latest addition to our line-up of Q-switched DPSS lasers, engineered for superior reliability and performance. Coming with a disruptive cost-performance ratio the BLIZZ is made for demanding 24 / 7 industrial applications that require excellent performance but lowest cost-of-ownership. Based on the field proven NANIO SERIES the BLIZZ’s new design cuts down system costs significantly without any trade-offs in quality or laser lifetime. The rugged laser head comes with an exceptionally small 24 VDC power supply for OEMs or optionally with a 1 RU power supply using the field proven InnoLas Laser Control Interface that is common to all InnoLas Photonics industrial lasers.

  • Umbilical length 1-10m
  • 45° connectors at the laser head
  • Pulse picker AOM
  • Beam expander box
  • Variable attenuator box
  • Scan head adapter flanges
  • Water-to-water or water-to-air chiller