Micro Welding

The more the better: 8 Joules of raw pulse energy delivered by one or two high power industrial grade fibers. This is the SL 400 MICRO WELD. As the name implies this laser is the perfect choice for demanding micro welding applications where high pulse energy is the key to perfect welding joints.
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  Power Peak Power Repetition Rate Spatial Mode Pulse Width Pulse Energy
SL 400 Micro Weld 7W 3.5kW @ 1Hz single shot to 2Hz fiber 200µm / 0.22 NA 2 - 10ms 7J @ 1Hz
SL 400 Micro Weld Duo 2x 4W 2x 2kW @ 1Hz single shot to 2Hz fiber 2x 200µm / 0.22 NA 2 - 10ms 2x 4J @ 1Hz
  • Up to 8 Joules of raw pulse energy
  • Adjustable pulsewidth
  • Long life flash lamp pumped
  • Air cooled
  • Modular industrial design
  • Single or dual fiber option
  • Processing head including vision system available

High energy. Flashlamp pumped. Fiber coupled.

The flash lamp pumped SL 400 MICRO WELD is designed for maximum flexibility using one or two industrial grade high power fibers that allow to go basically anywhere with the processing head. The air cooled system comes with adjustable pulse energy and repetition rate up to 2Hz and a compact processing head including state of the art vision system that is available as an option.

  • Fiber coupling
  • Processing head
  • Collimation or imaging optics
  • In line vision system
  • Multiple fiber output
  • Beam splitter